About Us

Radio Control Scale Crawlers and Rock Crawlers are a BUNCH of fun. Yeah sure, some say they are men playing with toys, but do you really give a damn? They are expensive mini trucks, and an awesome way to relax, or practice your wildest rock crawling and off roading dreams, without the ridiculous costs of real 1:1 scale rigs and the damages.

Whats even better, these RC scale crawlers teach you so much about physics, roll center, center of gravity, suspension linkages, travel and traction. Most of these skills can easily be applied to real 1:1 vehicles, with the same results.

Yes most of the big brand RTR RC Scale Crawlers are great fun and ready to go out of the box, but as we and probably you have found, they can always be improved. The sky, and your budget is the limit. Sometimes just a few small tweaks that you can do right away by yourself, without spending any money, can get your RC crawler ready to compete with the best of them.

We have done the tedious task of spending thousands of hours playing with every new crawler on the market, testing, tweaking, refining and hopping up, to learn what it takes to make each of them better for the task you want to preform with it. Whether it is rock crawling, trail running, or just general backing in the back yard, we show you go to make it better. We are also super active on most of the online RC forums and Facebook groups, catching new tips and tricks there.

This little site (College) is where we have condensed all we have learned and continue learning, and summarize it under the correct categories, so you can easily find the info, and apply that knowledge to your crawler to get it out on the trails as soon as possible, without too many breakages and expensive lessons that we have already learned.

Yeah we are still kids at heart, and taking that into consideration, we are constantly learning and do not at all claims to know it all or know the best. We love growing and learning, so if you feel we have anything wrong, or if you have more to add, we would love it if you would share it with us on the Contact Us page. Who knows, we may just send you little thank you gift in the mail as a token of our appreciation.