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RC4WD Cross Country Black Rock Review

One of the latest launches from RC4WD in 2020 is the RC4WD Cross Country 1/10 RTR crawler. Coming with a detailed, 4-door Black Rock body set, this scale crawler looks rugged and ready to go anywhere. The first thing you will notice is that compared to similar 1/10 scale models like SCX 10 III, it stands slightly smaller in size.

rc4wd cross country

First things first, this is not an officially licensed body by Jeep and does not have minute details like, a V8 engine shroud or the trademark 7-slat grill like the Axial SCX10 III Jeep JL. Yet, it manages to look pretty similar to officially licensed rigs sue to some common features. A bit of a bummer for those looking for scale replicas, but it does pack some cool details, if you overlook that part.

On the performance side of things, the features are well-balanced. A smooth 2-speed R3 transmission, 70 mm shocks, a Hammer transfer case and durable K44 cast axles will take it over the worst of terrains with ease. These, along with a aluminum chassis, 3-link panhard suspension and Beadlock wheels with Compass M/T tyres make this good deal for your crawling ventures.

The Cross country comes with a special 4-door body kit called the “Black Rock”. It comes in a bright, electric blue wrap and gets some cool details like seats, dashboard and a mesh grille.

Suspension and chassis

rc4wd cross country

RC4WD uses an all-new platform for the Cross Country and likely will use for other future models too. It is a ladder-frame chassis which uses bent aluminum chassis rails and nylon reinforced crossmembers for added stiffness. There are four tabs under the chassis on the rails, where the body kit securely clips with the chassis. There are no body clips to attach it, which add to the realistic looks. As a trade-off though, you miss out on the convenience. It gets some good attention to detail to go along with the functionality like the “RC4WD” cutout on the battery tray.

The front bumper is somewhat clunky and is made of molded plastic, but works just fine. RC4wd gives a front flat bottom skid plate and a servo mount machined from billet aluminum for easing over tough surfaces. It gets their K44 cast metal axles with an offset differential pumpkin, which is really top quality from the company. These are very scale accurate and come with lower mounting points and high steering knuckles.

The driveshafts in the platform are Punisher V2 ones. These are made of high quality plastic with steel universals which make them very solid and durable options. They measure from 102 mm to 117 mm (4.01″-4.6″).

Suspension is managed by a traditional 3-link setup with a panhard bar setup in the front. Along with that, you get 70mm ultimate shocks and separate dampener coil springs. In the rear, they it gets a double triangulated setup with multiple link mounts.

For a crawler, the chassis is decently strong and gets adequate amounts of flex. If you, feel it is too tight or the shocks are stiff, you have multiple accessory options to choose from.

rc4wd cross country

Drivetrain and wheels

All style and no performance makes no sense. RC4WD understands that and equips this car with its R3 2-speed transmission. This transmission features a tough cast metal case and the hardest set of gears the brand offers, the MOA gear sets which is some top quality stuff. This is accompanied with an adjustable slipper clutch.

The Cross Country has the solid cast metal, Hammer transfer case. The .8 Mod widened gears and a cast metal exterior it comes with, makes this a great durable choice, without a speck of doubt. So a full day on trail will never be an issue with such a drivetrain.

Two pairs of 1.55″ stamped steel beadlock wheels with 1.55″ Compass M/T tires on them do the job of handling the trails. For their tiny size, these wheels are pretty heavy-duty. The tires are tough and made of the second softest X2S3 compounds which are pretty sticky. So you can expect serious some grip on the rough trail and loose rocks.

rc4wd cross country


In the electronics department, there is a whole lot on the table. At first, the motor. It is a brushed, 45T crawler motor with a 12-tooth pinion gear. The sealed endbell makes this a high quality durable choice. Despite that it misses out on a motor cap, leaving the pinion spur gear exposed. That would have been a good cosmetic touch, especially as it keeps dirt out of the motor.

It also gets RC4WD’s Outcry III Electronic Speed Control system. This is a pretty popular setup, being there on the likes of Gelande II. It is a brushed speed controller with enough power in the built-in brake and has also got waterproofing.

The battery pack is a 6-cell, 7.2V 3000mAh NIMH unit with a XT60 connector and NIMH peak charger.

RC4WD gives two Twister servos to the Cross Country Black Rock. One is obviously the steering servo on the chassis, while the other is the full-size shift servo. Both of them are Twister’s High Torque metal gear digital servos which pump out a max of 300 oz. inch of torque at 7.4V. These are really good quality, heavy-duty servos, something every truck needs to have to tackle those hard spots.

Finally, this crawler receives a XR3 3-channel 2.4GHz radio transmitter-receiver. It is an easy to use setup, with easy adjustments to throttle end points and throttle trims. The third channel button is for some precise gearshifts whenever your truck needs that. Although this one looks a bit old, it is pretty good for its job. Unless you want more customizations to control, you won’t need a better radio system.

rc4wd cross country

Body and Interiors

The Black Rock body set is wrapped in an electric blue color and features well-laid cosmetic features. These include a detailed dashboard and seats to amp up the scale look. The doors look solid but they don’t open.

There is a full-size spare tire and tire mount, rear-view mirrors, scale headlamps and a faux metal plate over a mesh grill which makes it really attractive. Apart from that, you get two sets of decal sheets which makes the designs really cool. The hood opens and closes with two button magnets upfront and the hood latches adds to the scale details.

The last bit is definitely the removable top. You can keep it covered or just rub it with a rear roll-cage.

rc4wd cross country


For a trail rig of its size, this is heavy and very stable. That gives a very planted ride especially on the smaller rough patches and descents. But small size and weight coupled with the small tires and short wheelbase means you cannot be very aggressive. This crawler will not bomb over big rocks with absolute ease. You need to be a bit calculative.

The ESC works really well and holds the speed pretty nicely, especially in descents. The motor lacks a bit of torque, probably due to the use of NiMH batteries. Using a pair of Li-Polymers would solve the problem as they have a faster discharge rate and thus will give more power.

The build quality is pretty good and it will handle moderate levels of tumbles and falls smoothly. Out of the box, you might feel the foam on the tires are hard and they lack grip, especially in wet conditions. Although they are official Compass mud tires, it is better if you wear down the foam.


  • Wheelbase: 301mm (11.9″)
  • Width: 212mm (8.4″)
  • Height: 217mm (8.5″)
  • Ground Clearance: 60mm (2.4″)
  • Final Drive Ratio: 31.9:1
  • Weight: 6.87Lbs / 3.12Kg

Images courtesy RC4WD

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