Axial SCX24 C10 Review

Axial SCX24 1/24 Chevrolet C10 Review

Axial is one of the most well-known brands that makes scale RC cars, and models them after some of the most popular real 1:1 scale off-roaders. The SCX24 1/24 scale lineup includes its original Deadbolt model, the Jeep Wrangler and now the Chevrolet C10 which is based on the famous Chevrolet truck which was made for the model year 1967. There are also two variations of the Chevy C10 model, a green nostalgic old school looking one with ‘chrome’ bits and wheels, and then the grey, more modern stealth looking model with the black accents and wheels.

Axial SCX24 C10 Review

It is a compact 1/24 scale model of the original truck. It is so compact that during the COVID-19 quarantine you can also make a home-made course and have fun with the little truck. It will help you make up for all the off-roading you’ve been missing recently. However, if you are looking for something a little bigger a 1/10 scale model is also available.

The axial Chevrolet C10 comes with a realistic steel frame rails and realistic rear and front axles which make the model perform really good despite its small size and best of all it comes with all the electronics included in the box which includes transmitter, servo, motor and batteries. The LiPo batteries are included and the AA batteries required for your controller and all this comes for a price tag of just $119.19. Which makes it one of the most affordable product in its class and one of the best also.

Axial SCX24 C10 Specs:

  • Length: 8.4 in (215mm)
  • Width :3.9 in (99.5mm)
  • Height:4.4 in (114.6mm)
  • Wheelbase:5.2 in (133.2mm)
  • Ground Clearance:1.06 in (27mm)
  • Price: $119.99

The Remote Controller

Axial SCX24 C10 remote controller

The 3 channel AX-4 transmitter is one of the better ones compared to the other one’s present. It features a throttle trim knob for speed settings of low, medium and high. One steering servo port and two break options and two LED light ports.

If you’re faced with tricky trail conditions, you can switch between three separate speed settings on the controller (low, medium, high). Along with this adjustment setting, you can also tweak your steering and throttle trim as well as steering dual rate, activate the third channel on the receiver, and reverse the steering servo direction.

What’s in the box?

  • Transmitter
  • Servo
  • Motor
  • LiPo batteries
  • AA batteries

Basically, everything you need to run the RC car is included in the box nothing should be bought everything and it is all nicely assembled so it is pretty much plug and play for whoever gets their hands on it.

The Chassis

The C-10 features a very well thought hinged body system which offers extremely easy access to the on-board components. You can easily remove the batteries by removing the two body clips and swinging the body up.

Axial SCX24 C10 chassis

The front and rear axle consist of a two-piece solid plastic molded design. The suspension features a three-link front and a four-link rear setup. The front and rear axles feature worm gear to provide a higher ground clearance and get power to the axles. The durable steel axles provide the strength and the durability to keep it running under tough climbs and adventurous trails. The splined drive shafts help to provide more suspension travel which help to keep maximum power to the wheels. The coil over shock absorbers deliver the crawling performance you need form this type of an off roader or as the company refers to it #AXIALPERFORMANCE. It features full ball bearings despite its size being so small. The drivetrain spinning on a sealed cartridge bearing throughout the entire vehicle.


The motor used is a dynamite 88T brushed motor which can provide enough torque required to overcome obstacles and have a good hill climbing experience. LED lights are mounted in the front bumper and are included in the kit however external LED can be purchased and plugged in the ESC. The AS-1 servo provides steering accuracy and it also provides protection at the time of an impact.


The SCX24 C10 features MR307 tires that remind us of the good old early off-roading days. The holes are placed undercut on the outer links of the wheel. However if you are not a fan of this design you can always purchase BFGoodrich crawler which is a scale of the rock crawling tires. This version still captures the same aggressive look.

  • High quality in a small package
  • It features beautiful design
  • Everything needed to start is included in the box
  • Assembly is very easy even if you need to swap out parts
  • 1/24 can be a little too small for some people
  • The hinged body design can be a little weak
  • The transmitter is a bit ugly looking


This little truck features a very sturdy design and is very good for the price point. It captures the beauty of the Truck very nicely and comes with a price tag that is relatively affordable compared to the other products featured. If you need a good mini crawler with all capabilities you should definitely go ahead with this without giving it a second thought as it is very good and is pretty much all you need to get started in RC crawling. Especially if the weather outside sucks and you are stuck crawling indoors, the SCX24 can be a bunch of fun and improve your crawling skills while you are at it.

Axial SCX24 C10 Review

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