element rc trailwalker review

Element RC Enduro Trailwalker Review

The second truck to come out of the promising Element RC by Associated Electrics is the Enduro Trailwalker RTR. A 4×4 crawler built to last as its name suggests. Powered by their same great Enduro chassis which powered their first vehicle the Sendero. The chassis sits on 1.55” Element wheels named Trigon a six bolt clamping style wheel. Which is a nice addition to the chassis along with the new rubber on those wheels the General Grabber A/T tires. The combination gives you confidence as the beadlock wheels are no longer prone to falling off. The wheelbase of the chassis is 12.32”.

element rc trailwalker review

The party piece of the model is the great Stealth(R) X transmission which is a multiple gear setup which is far from a conventional RC transmission as it gets. It gives you the ability to drive the Trailwalker with a stock overdrive of 5.7% at the front end. It also provides with 2 other options, option 1: lets you drive with a one-to-one ratio, and option 2: gives a whopping 11.83% overdrive at the front end. The high ground clearance and improved drive options allow the driver to climb over rocks.

element rc trailwalker review

The Stealth X transmission is connected to 3-piece telescopic drive shafts with an extruded aluminum centre section, universal front drive axles, and hardened steel ring and pinion gears. Also the suspension is all aluminum with a-3 link with a pan-hard bar in the front and 4-link in the rear with a triangulated setup connected to aluminum shocks which are very durable and somehow Element has come out with a way to make them leak proof. The chances of the suspension breaking are much lower than the rest of the vehicles in the same class. The standard shock hoops allow you to also adjust the wheelbase if you want too.

element rc trailwalker review

The Enduro Trailwalker is driven by, ultra-smooth, and powerful 16-turn, 5-slot brushed crawler motor and Reedy Power SC400X electronic speed controller with T-plug connector. The servo motor has an output of 180 inch ounces of torque. The controller is the new 3-channel XP130 2.4GHz radio and Reedy Power high-torque 1320MG metal-gear servo. The Trailwalker is a ready to use out of the box rig. The things required to complete the rig are batteries for both the radio and crawler with a charger. The radio uses 4 AA batteries and you can equip the rig with both a shorty battery pack and a regular sized one. Element includes trays for both the battery options.

element rc trailwalker review

The Enduro chassis also has space for a front mounted winch on the servo which can be a nice addition if you’re into climbing steep trails. The amount of modifications to the chassis available for the Trailwalker by both element and third party manufacturers. As available for almost every scale model RC crawler. So you can tweak the characteristics of your truck according to you driving style and what you want to make it do. But before going into upgrades I would suggest getting a feel for the truck if you’re new to RC cars. The chassis has a bit of flex about which some people complained in the forums around the internet, but I feel if you are new to the game you might want a little bit of flex in the chassis. As it gives more forgiving driving experience. As a stiff chassis is harder to drive and you’ll need to be precise with it. But you can always upgrade it with different mods so there is that.

The XP130 controller is a great entry level radio with 3-channels at 2.4 GHz. It performs as well as any other similar spec model out there. It works really well with the Trailwalker and has room for additional stuff you want to put on your truck like winches etc.

The Element Enduro Trailwalker comes with a cool 80s & 90s style polycarbonate body reminiscent of a Ford Bronco in my opinion but as it is not a licensed scale model. But the generic body is well made and the front grill has nice angle to it which makes is have better ascend angles while climbing trails. The body is fitted with front led lights and you can mount marker lights later on if you like. There is a separate bucket available for that. The body also comes with a wire guide so you can cable manage when you want to add lights and other accessories to your rig. The body is hot swappable so if you want to modify the look using a third party or custom made body you can easily do it. I personally like the way it looks gives it a retro look.

element rc trailwalker review

Coming to the box it comes with a cool place for your truck to be in. The garage in the box has quite few cool details like a drip pan on the floor. The walls are unfinished plywood with decals of tool trays, element posters. Tool boxes in the corner a work bench. There are even a few bugs on the floor & a quarter. These details also make a good addition to the whole package. The box is properly scaled respective to the truck. Which makes for a nice display for your new rig. If you’re into taking pictures of your truck it also provides that as it looks amazing place in the box.


  • Trailwalker body thermoformed in high-strength polycarbonate
  • Single-piece body with roll bar
  • Clear windows
  • Molded grill, antennas and action camera
  • Replaceable headlight lenses
  • Pivoting side mirrors
  • LED headlights
  • Adjustable front injection molded bumper with D-rings
  • Removable injection molded fairlead
  • Realistic styling
  • Three-piece 1.55″ beadlock wheels
  • Licensed 1.55 x 3.85″ General Grabber(TM) A/T X tires
  • CMS (Chassis Mounted Servo)
  • Adjustable front track bar
  • Universal front drive axles
  • Stamped steel frame rails
  • Enclosed receiver box
  • 12mm wheel hexes
  • Adjustable front and rear bumper mounts
  • Adjustable width rock sliders
  • Two battery boxes
  • Aluminum motor plate
  • Adjustable body posts
  • Optimized ball cups for more fluid axle articulation
  • Adjustable rear shock mount positions
  • Telescopic driveshaft’s front and rear
  • Extruded aluminum driveshaft splines
  • One-piece rear axle design
  • Splined front axle with adjustable caster
  • Machined input pinion gear
  • Metal ring gear
  • Machined steel top shaft
  • Metal idler gears
  • Heavy duty 5mm diameter steel links
  • Metal ball bearings included
  • The #40101C LiPo Combo includes all this and the #758 Reedy battery and #27201 Reedy charger!
element rc trailwalker review


Scale: 1:10
Power: Electric
Length: varies
Width: varies
Weight : varies
Wheelbase: 313mm (12.3”)
Transmission Ratio: varies


  • Battery pack
  • Charger
  • 4 AA batteries for radio

Although this link is for the newer version of the Enduro called the HD, it is the same RC truck apart from newer body and bumpers.

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In conclusion the Element Enduro Trailwalker RTR is a great buy if you’re looking for a RC truck to go trail trotting. The main target audience is new comers into the RC world but it will also be a good enough addition for a veteran RC driver. The customizability and its driving dynamics make it a welcome addition to the RC world. The easy out of the box ready to run set up make it an exciting prospect for people who just want to drive casually. The Stealth X variable transmission and durable suspension with aluminum construction are the highlights of the package.

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